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We prioritize the customer's objectives.

Just as there are staff members to consult with when buying flowers at a store, at [kadan.ne.jp], we place the utmost importance on the purpose for which customers want to send flowers and the feelings they want to convey.

We will do our best to incorporate the feelings and messages you want to convey to the recipient into the creation of the product by listening carefully to your requests.

Please feel free to enter any requests in the free-form field of the order form.

※Upon completion of your first order, an online member login ID and temporary password will be automatically issued. Starting with your second order, when you log in using your ID and password, you can use the convenient auto-fill feature (on the order form, select the required input items such as the client's and recipient's addresses from your previous order history and automatically fill them in).

We always use fresh flowers.


The flower artists participating in kadan.ne.jp go directly to the market to buy flowers. They use fresh flowers for each season and carefully select them to ensure that you can enjoy them for as long as possible after delivery.


The flowers traded in the market are temporarily in a state of suspended animation. The process of giving water to the flowers to revive them is called hydration. The flower artists participating in kadan.ne.jp perform hydration work using methods such as "water cutting method / combustion method / boiling water method" suitable for each flower immediately after procurement. This work requires speed and is truly a battle against time.

Consideration for packing and shipping

We take great care in packing to deliver the product in its beautiful state. We use packaging materials that fit the size of the product, and securely fix the flowers after wrapping them to prevent damage... It's a basic but very important process. We are grateful for the cooperation of Yamato Transport for nationwide shipping.




Most popular occasion & its budget

  • #1 Birthday
    722 items
    6,268 JPY
  • #2 Sympathy
    403 items
    5,404 JPY
  • #3 Concert & Performance
    374 items
    8,950 JPY
  • #4 Condolence
    298 items
    5,894 JPY
  • #5 Opening & Handsel
    215 items
    10,514 JPY
  • #6 Celebrate Moving
    179 items
    9,265 JPY
  • #7 Wedding Present
    161 items
    8,801 JPY
  • #8 Sympathy for Pet Owners
    134 items
    4,736 JPY