Arragement of the day 本日のピックアップ

Recently delivered flower gifts. 最近お届けしたフラワーギフト


This is a florist who delivers flower gifts nationwide, created by a flower artist who arranges fresh flowers stylishly, according to your purpose and requests.

Treasure your feelings most.

Just like when you have a shop clerk to consult with when buying flowers at a store, at [], we place the utmost importance on the purpose for which our customers want to send flowers and the feelings they want to convey.

Deliver the product in its beautiful state.

In order to deliver the product in its beautiful state, we pay close attention to the packaging as well.




Most popular occasion & its budget

  • #1 Birthday
    722 items
    6,268 JPY
  • #2 Sympathy
    403 items
    5,404 JPY
  • #3 Concert & Performance
    374 items
    8,950 JPY
  • #4 Condolence
    298 items
    5,894 JPY
  • #5 Opening & Handsel
    215 items
    10,514 JPY
  • #6 Celebrate Moving
    179 items
    9,265 JPY
  • #7 Wedding Present
    161 items
    8,801 JPY
  • #8 Sympathy for Pet Owners
    134 items
    4,736 JPY