Kimiko Yamamoto : Introduction of background and gift samples.

photo: 山本 貴美子
I am always in search of the answer to how one can lead a fulfilling life surrounded by flowers. I believe that by carefully crafting each arrangement, imbuing it with the sender's feelings and the power inherent in each bloom, the intended emotions will surely be conveyed. If I can deliver many such expressive flowers, and if every household had flowers displayed as a matter of course, I am certain that everyone would be smiling. Flowers are a message. I work tirelessly every day to deliver flowers that carry heartfelt messages.
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  • #1 Birthday
    722 items
    6,268 JPY
  • #2 Sympathy
    403 items
    5,404 JPY
  • #3 Concert & Performance
    374 items
    8,950 JPY
  • #4 Condolence
    298 items
    5,894 JPY
  • #5 Opening & Handsel
    215 items
    10,514 JPY
  • #6 Celebrate Moving
    179 items
    9,265 JPY
  • #7 Wedding Present
    161 items
    8,801 JPY
  • #8 Sympathy for Pet Owners
    134 items
    4,736 JPY