Minami Imamura : Introduction of background and gift samples.

photo: 今村 南
From my atelier located just a stone's throw away from the bustling Ota Market, which boasts the most abundant variety of flowers in Japan, I create arrangements that enhance the vivid colors of natural flowers, day in and day out. The reasons for seeking flowers vary from person to person. To bring more smiles to the faces of loved ones, to convey feelings too profound for words, or sometimes, to transform an ordinary day into an unforgettable one. I dedicate myself to crafting flowers that will be part of your cherished memories, with all my heart.

List of outstanding works

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Most popular occasion & its budget

  • #1 Birthday
    722 items
    6,268 JPY
  • #2 Sympathy
    403 items
    5,404 JPY
  • #3 Concert & Performance
    374 items
    8,950 JPY
  • #4 Condolence
    298 items
    5,894 JPY
  • #5 Opening & Handsel
    215 items
    10,514 JPY
  • #6 Celebrate Moving
    179 items
    9,265 JPY
  • #7 Wedding Present
    161 items
    8,801 JPY
  • #8 Sympathy for Pet Owners
    134 items
    4,736 JPY